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A collection of Ikariam Tutorials from a hard-core player and Java Script programmer

Ikariam Intermediary Level Tutorial

If you are reading this, you have probably have played Ikariam for a while now and you know the basics. Having 8 cities with no corruption qualifies you as a medium-sized player. You have enough gold coming in and have a respectable defence force.  Hopefully you have followed my earlier advice and it is mostly navy. You have outgrown your warehouses and a lot of your resources are not protected.  But this is alright, because you have CTs with all your neighbours, or otherwise they are friends or alliance mates.  Nobody tried to pillage you for several months now.



What should be your next priority?  Getting the ninth and tenth cities of course!  You have 4 medium level warehouses per town and now the time has come to replace one of them with a dump. Chose your safest city: the one least likely to be attacked. Select a lowest level warehouse or failing that, one on the left and demolish it.  Build a dump in its place.  Low-level dumps are very cheap to build and soon you will have achieved a storage capacity of 350 000 required for a governor residence (GR) level 8.  Move your defence forces to the city where you plan to upgrade the GR. Start shipping the resources to that city. If early in the game you have been prudent with finances and have not created useless armies, you should have been able to purchase 180 cargo ships by now. Set an overnight shipment of 90 wood to the town you are upgrading. Don’t tell anyone that you are going to upgrade a GR. It should be fairly easy to get your ninth city.

What should your ninth city be?  If you followed my advice and already have marble, marble, wine, sulphur, crystal, wine, marble, wine, then your ninth city can be anything.  What that anything will be depends on your circumstances and preferences. My ninth city is another crystal glass city because I like to work towards a high-level military future. If you want to grow fastest, though, and have a lot of online time, build another marble city.  If you have little online time, build another wine city.  Wine cities can look after themselves; I often don’t look into some of my wine cities for months on end. Don’t build a second sulphur city. It is a cheap resource and can be easily traded for marble.  Store plenty of sulphur in all of your cities, keep it slightly above safe warehouse level, just in case a war breaks out. You may also consider to build a 9th city on a Hephaestus Forge or Poseidon island, as these two miracles are the most useful, and you are going to need them soon.


Keep upgrading warehouses and the dump. But once the dump reaches level 16 or 17 it becomes expensive to upgrade, so concentrate on upgrading warehouses.  This is a rather dull period of the game known as “Warehouse Upgrade Hell”. But do not despair; there is always something to amuse oneself with.  If it gets too much start taking breaks from Ikariam for a few days at a time, the game is quite forgiving. Do not activate the Vacation mode.  All production stops and there is little to gain from this feature, unless you really go for a month to a location with no Internet access. If you are worried about going inactive and being deleted, you can purchase a small amount of Ambrosia.  Ikariam is operated by a German company and under the local law your account cannot be deleted if it has an unspent balance of real money – be it just 1 ambrosia coin. Generally it is best to log in at least once a week to keep the account from going inactive and send wine and marble around.  Inactive cities in central location attract pillagers far and wide, so beware. 

How to survive Warehouse Upgrade Hell is separate topic.  But my advice is, if you get bored take a break for few days.  It is always exciting to came back and see how much marble and wood have accumulated!  Anyway, getting a tenth city is still easy.  And in 2-3 months you should have it. If your 9th city was crystal glass, make the 10th marble or wine. My 10 cities are: marble, marble, wine, sulphur, crystal, wine, marble, wine, crystal, marble. Another way to survive Warehouse Upgrade Hell is to go to war.  Start taking active part in alliance military actions, if a member from far away is asking for help, launch your mighty navy and blockade the attacker. This is where your Poseidon and Hephaestus Forge miracles come useful!  A tip: never launch directly at the target, but move navy first to an alliance city a couple of islands away. Surprise is your friend. Do not give them an advance warning. Read Ikariam War guide for more advice.
In between upgrading warehouses upgrade all Town Halls to at least level 26, taverns to level 30 and museums to level 12. This should ensure a reasonable amount of population and hence of gold income to support your expanding military.



An Adventure Book set in Ikariam world

Setting of this book is the world of Ikariam. Imagine Ikariam mixed with Second Life and you get a Matrix-like world set in Ancient Greece. There are epic adventures, unexpected turns and revelations. Read the full book description and the first two chapters free on Amazon. This book has 5 star reviews and it is only £0.99.
You can also read a FREE online version here.



House of Cain is a scarily realistic military fiction book about Russia versus NATO war in North-Eastern Europe. The novel's main hero, Arthur Greenberg, is a British expatriate caught in the thick of it. WARNING: this book contains graphic combat scenes.


Ikariam News

v 0.7.0 released December 2015 has an important modification: the barbarians now have a lot of loot, but they can strike back. It seems prudent for a cautious player not to let them get higher than level 9. If we don't attack them for 2 or 3 days their level will drop, but if they have reached level 10, they will decline to level 10 only. Nobody knows what would happen when the barbarians reach level 50, but they could be troublesome at higher levels. Read this post on Ikariam boards for more information.





Domain name change in effect from 12 September 2013  means that some scripts will need to be upgraded.  Scripts on this site have been upgraded and all work.

Test Server new domain name is:   http://test.en.ikariam.gameforge.com/

Regular servers new domain name is: http://en.ikariam.gameforge.com/















A new 0.5.3 version introduced an extra dimension of Piracy to Ikariam around Christmas of 2012.  While Piracy is definitely an optional side-game, it has already sparked a few full-sized alliance wars and innumerable lesser conflicts. Passions run high, as a high military score is no defence aganst pirates; and casual Piracy players get robbed of their Pirate Points again and again by much smaller players who take the new side game of piracy too seriously.  The piracy favours a small player who can afford mobile colonies. Naturally the large players retaliate with military attacks.  This in turn led to pirates changing their player names frequently to avoid revenge. Large players with fully developped cities feel at a disadvantage as they cannot demolish their cities for mobile piracy, as without mobile cities it is not possible to excell at this side game.  Scripts naturally exist to automate piracy point generation, but this had been nipped in the bud, by the Game Forge when they introduced anti-bot CAPCHA measures a month into the game, to stop "dishonest pirates". 

A "dishonest" lover of automation as I am, I had written and deplyed such a script on a day one, and run it non-stop on multiple acconts 24/7. While most of my points was stolen by mibile pirates I still managed to get into the top 20 in the first 2 months.  Alas the CAPCHA had put an end to this noble endevour to automate online game playing. 


A new version has been released early in May  2012. 

Two extra building spaces introduced, plus completely new graphics.  Now it is much easier to build 11 and 12th cities.

Most if not all of the userscrips (legal and otherwise) stopped working. The new version relies heavily on Ajax technology that makes the classical getElemtnById or document.evaluate Xpath experssion followed by element.click() to fail.  Many object identifiers (element id, attribute names etc) have also been changed; however the game is still ideally suited for userscript developpers. As a scripwright I discovered that adding setTimeout and setInterval to various blocks of code makes it all work again. It appears the game loads background image first, and then other elements, such as buildings are loaded asynchronously via Ajax later. A userscript runs immediately on dom ready, before the onload even occurs: before the buildings etc. have loaded. Making a script start looking for its targets after a few seconds delay allows it to find them again.  For example before the new version it was possible to access and click the button that gives daily bonus with this Xpath line:

document.evaluate("//input[@value='Confirm' and @type='submit' and contains(@class, 'button okButton')]", document, null, 9, null).singleNodeValue.click();

it not longer works now, because when the page loads there is still no input element we want.  But if we put the code above in a function and run the fuction a few seconds after the page loads it will work again.  If just like myself you are too lazy to click the various buttons yourself let the script do it for you.  

I am currently rewriting my favorite function neighborAutoFarm() 

My other projects

Subversive Medicine  is a series of esseys on medicine, dentistry and futurism. Is modern dentistry a fraud? Are robots going to make us all unemployed? Read all about it there.


Emotional AI is an AI project developing virtual conversation agent in .hta and javascript. This is a downloadable application that allows building off-line chatbots and virtual agents. There is a fuzzy string matching demo.

Simple Stylometry WebApp Free Proofreading and Editing App for aspiring authors. Use this proofreading and editing tool to analyze your writing for overused and glue words. Hunt down and destroy those pesky adverbs to make your great story even better! It can be used for editing business letters and school essays too.

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