Happy Snail

A collection of Ikariam Tutorials from a hard-core player and Java Script programmer

Cheating in Ikariam

But is it possible to cheat in Ikariam?  Yes, of course.  If you look at the price of wood you would see that it is very high.  But if you try to sell your timber nobody will buy it.  How can this be explained?  Well, the explanation is that there is such a thing as “gold pushing”. A player makes a second account and “pushes gold” to his main account by buying wood at top prices. It is against the rules and the people get banned for this – but only if both accounts are operated from the same IP. So, those who have access to more than one IP can do this with relative impunity. 

Even less detectable form of cheating is “farming”.  A player creates a second account from another IP and moves cities to be near his main account.  He then pillages (or farms) them regularly from his main account.  But of course everybody else can farm them too.  But on a quiet server he is likely to be the only pillager.  Another form of cheating is when a player uses the “invite a friend” feature and sends a message to himself (to different email address than the one registered with the Game Forge for the main account) he will then get additional ships, gold and research points bonuses. There are 1 bonus ship when the “friend” builds a first city.  2 ships when “he” builds a third city and 3 ships when he builds 5 cities. Fake friends, farms and gold pushing are often combined.

At the time of writing there is no penalty for using your fake friends for farming practice.

Get Free Marble in Ikariam

It is possible to convert sulfur and wood into marble with the help of the Hades Grove miracle.  Most Ikariam players say that this is a useless miracle.  But this is not so!  With Hades Grove active at level five 80% of wood and sulfur of the fallen troops get converted into marble during battles in your own cities.  This is how it works.  In times of peace you have a lot of useless sulfur.  So you build a lot of sulfur carabineers. You than arrange for a friend outside of your alliance to attack your city, and activate the Hades Grove. Your friend's army will slaughter your riflemen and gain lots of offence points. You get 80% of sulfur and wood used to build your troops converted into pure sparkling marble! Needless to say this works only with a friendly attacker.

Of course if you control multiple accounts you can do this on a truly grand scale. Troops sent by third parties to defend a city also get converted into marble. As a side bonus the attacker gets a frighteningly high offence score to frighten off your enemies. Provided there is no wall, and no other troops on defender's side the cheapest way to destroy riflemen is to use spearmen in the front line and swordsmen for flanks. There will be no losses for attacker. But to maximize the rate of conversion to marble one can clash two armies of pure riflemen. 80% of losses on both sides get converted into Ikariam marble.

There are other ways of cheating like using un-authorised Grease Monkey user scripts to automate your account or to emulate premium features and more than that.  Whether somebody cheats is down to individual conscience and availability of the second IP. 

This information is for reference only. The webmaster of this page does not support cheating in all its forms.